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1. what's smoke testing?

Smoke testing is to insure that the new build for development did not cause any problems for automation test scripts. Tests verify and validate that the new build is ready for automation build acceptance test run.

2. what's system testing?

Testing of the application should focus on any target requirements that can be traced directly to modules, and business rules.

3. what's performance testing?

Performance testing measures response times, transaction rates and other time sensitive requirements. The goal of performance testing is to verify and validate the performance requirements have been achieved.

4. what's load testing?

Load testing measures subjects the system-under-test to varying workloads to evaluate the system ability to continue to function properly under these different workloads. The goal of load testing is to determine and ensure that the system functions properly beyond the expected maximum workload.

5. what's stress testing?

Stress testing is intended to find errors due to low resources or competition for resources.

6. what's volume testing?Volume testing subjects the software to large amounts of data to determine if limits are reached that cause the software to fail. Volume testing also identifies the continuous maximum load or volume the system can handle for a given period.

7. what's regression testing?

Regression testing in its most basic form is simply testing done to determine whether a product has regressed to a less functional state than in the previous build.

8. what's function testing?

The objective of function test is to measure the quality of the functional components of the system. Tests verify that the system behaves correctly from user / business perspective and functions according to the requirements etc.